Radio System, Inc Clock Sync Tool


This program will allow you to keep all your Radio Systems Clocks (CT2002 etc) Sync'd to the current time. The program simulates the Radio Systems GPS receiver and sends the necessary time stream to the clocks. The program can be configured to send the output to a serial port (on board RS232, USB RS232, or USB RS422 adapter) or directly to a networked serial port (Lantronix MSS1, MSS100, UDS100, MSS485 Gridconnect Net232, etc).

This is Program Version 1.2011.1104 Dated: Nov 4, 2011

Click here to download the Windows Installer version of the program


Click here to download the Program in a Zip file without an installer.


Once installed you need to click on the Communications Tab and setup the program. Remember to click the SAVE SETTINGS option and then restart the program.


If you are using an RS232 port you will need an RS232 to RS422 converter. You can get these on eBay CLICK HERE TO SEARCH EBAY.

Keeping you computers clock on time

If you haven't already, you should change the Time Server that you get your time from.

The following registry file will add the main NIST time servers to your list of time servers and automatically change you to using one of the NIST servers.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


The following registry file will change the SpecialPollInterval that controls how often your system updates it time. It changes your system to sync your systems clock to the NIST master clock every 2 hours. DO NOT USE THIS OPTION IF YOU ARE ON DIALUP. After doing this you will need manually update your computers time (sometimes you have to update the time twice) or restart your computer to have the option take effect.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00